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travtrack: Campaign Tracking for Traveller(tm)

travtrack is a tool intended for use by referees running the game of Traveller(tm).

Planned features include:

Travtrack is now under active development after a long hiatus. The new alpha version is written in Python and utilises the PyGTK GUI bindings as well as the GNOME-Python. The alpha is available via CVS; a download package has not yet been assembled.

System Requirements

Travtrack is developed on a system meeting the following requirements; it is quite possible (even probable) that it may work on a lesser system. If you can submit patches to make it work on your own box, please feel free to do so.

Please note that there are no OS dependencies that I know of; since Python is cross-platform, and GNOME is cross-platform, and gtk+ is cross-platform, and the bindings between them all are supposed to be cross-platform, my code should work on Windows or Mac OS X as well as on Linux.

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